tinymce.com & iOS support

August 3rd, 2011 by Afraithe

We finally aquired the TinyMCE.com domain, sponsored to us by Ephox.

Also done some minor updates to the website, nothing major just some fixes and tweaks.

We have been working on getting TinyMCE to run on the iPad, most things seem to actually work, except that the browser crashes a bit and the UI isn’t really a perfect fit for that type of interaction, but it is getting there.

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Silicon Valley TinyMCE Meetup!

March 7th, 2011 by Afraithe

Yes mark your date with March 31, 6:30 PM (USA Pacific Time, GMT – 8), our partner Ephox is hosting the first TinyMCE meetup ever! We will be available via video link from Sweden to their office during the meetup. The meeting will be held at the Ephox office in Palo Alto, we would love if you TinyMCE users out there could help completly fill their office up! We will be talking about the roadmap and also take in any questions you might have surrounding TinyMCE.

For more details and signing up, check out the Meetup page!


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Plupload/TinyMCE websites

January 19th, 2011 by Afraithe

PluploadThe buzz around Plupload is huge right now, much more than we anticipated, and we are putting more resources into the continued development of Plupload and starting to create a community around it similar to TinyMCE. Over the next couple of weeks/months you will see a rebuild of the website so contain a wiki for the documentation as well as its own bug/feature tracker system (like the new one we are using for TinyMCE). The current website wasn’t built to contain so much content, but as the project grows, so must the website.

The new TinyMCE website is a huge success, ppl are getting engaged with the bug/feature tracker and submitting good quality reports, something we appreciate a lot and we no longer have to put up with the incredibly turtle-slow Sourceforge tracker system.

Just as a side note, many seems very interested in exactly when the new TinyMCE version will be out of Beta, can’t give you any exact date, but we expect this to be the last beta unless something unexpected shows up.

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New TinyMCE WebSite

December 20th, 2010 by Spocke

Finally we got the new web site out the door. This new site is a complete redesign and it also contains a lot new community features. We have described each of the features below you feedback is always welcome so that we can continue to improve the community functions.

Issue tracker

We have now moved away from the SourceForge issue tracker and built our own custom one. This gives us the ability to add exactly the features we want such as bug voting and tie it to GitHub. It should now be a lot faster to work with since SourceForge was a pretty slow service. We will also be more responsive when it comes to resolving bugs now when we have a more easy to use tool.


The Wiki was moved from MediaWiki into a custom Wiki that uses HTML and TinyMCE for it’s editor interface. The wiki lets you structure pages into a page tree and supports syntax validation for source code samples.

Translation Service

A popular feature of the old site was the translation service that enabled uses to translate TinyMCE to it’s native language. We have improved this feature for the new site and it’s now possible to both translate and preview the results on the site. It makes it a lot faster and easier to contribute language packs to the project and those contributions are always welcome.

API Documentation

The documentation has been improved and one of these improvements is the API documentation. This one is now inline inside the wiki, it’s exported out of the source code of TinyMCE using our Moxiedoc tool and users can comment on the different parts of it. It’s very similar to how www.php.net has it’s documentation.


The example section has been improved by moving all examples into categories. We will continue to add more examples here and any feedback on what to add here is always welcome.

Custom download packages

A common complaint we see regarding TinyMCE is that people say it has to many files. So we wanted to change that, the site now includes a tool for only selecting the components you need and save this as a preset on your account. Then each release you can simply just download the preset package.

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Moxiecode visiting Palo Alto, California

November 18th, 2010 by Afraithe

Palo AltoMe and Spocke is taking a trip to Palo Alto, California for a couple of days at the start of December (1th-5th) to meet up with some business and technology partners. We are looking forward to seeing the center of the IT industry, if you wish to meetup there for some reason, get in touch with us, our time is limited but we might be able to work something out.

On another note, we have a new employee, Davit Barbakadze has been helping us out for a bit the last couple of weeks and he is now a part of Moxiecode Systems AB. His main focus right now will be to incorporate some fixes and enhancements into Plupload and then move over to help out on TinyMCE development as well as other development.

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State of the source

October 20th, 2010 by Afraithe

Been a while since we gave some form of update, if its quiet it is cause we are working very hard. We are working in parallel on a big update on TinyMCE and the major 4.0 TinyMCE release as well as our MCFileManager and MCImageManager that is way overdue for a major update.

On another note, Drupalcamp Atlanta happend a few weeks ago and one of the topics there was a shootout between different editors, the result was posted a few days after collecting what criterias was most important from the attendees of the camp. TinyMCE came out on top in this little shootout.

You can read the result here.

These kind of comparisons are good for all parties involved, its good for us to see what features are valued the most, it gives us a direction of focus when we do updates. We think the upcoming TinyMCE versions will be evenĀ  better than the current, improved performance, more power in configurating output, changes to the graphical interface, and a lot of other things, some we like to keep a secret! Stay tuned!

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Paragraphs vs br

September 13th, 2010 by Spocke

We have had many questions about how paragraphs are handled in TinyMCE and users wanting to have <BR> elements instead of <P>. Adrian Sutton at our partner Ephox has written a few blog posts about various issues and misconceptions on this topic. And we also explained many issues in our FAQ.

So to sum things up, paragraphs are here to stay and TinyMCE will continue to produce them on enter by default.

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Facebook using TinyMCE

August 19th, 2010 by Afraithe


So, 500 million ppl just got access to TinyMCE, sweet :)

And as you might have noticed (we tweeted about it) Facebook is now using TinyMCE in their “Notes” section as well as “Facebook Questions”.

We are now back from vacation since the start of this week, getting back into things again and we got a lot of nice stuff for the community comming up.

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Partner Network

May 26th, 2010 by Afraithe

EphoxIn order to provide better TinyMCE support for those who need it, we have started a Partner network, and our first partner signed up is Ephox, they will provide support and commercial licensing for TinyMCE.

In addition, they have also commited resources to help out the community in a more direct way, by helping to fix bugs, answer issues on the forum and various other things. You might have seen Adrian commiting bug fixes on Git and answering some topics on the forums. Ephox has also setup an automated UNIT test bed that checks TinyMCE across browsers on different Operating systems as soon as something is commited to GitHub TinyMCE project. You can check out the Ephox Enterprise TinyMCE offering at their website. Also check out Adrians view on this partnership at his blog.

So why do we need this? Moxiecode Systems is a rather small company, we want to focus on the development of TinyMCE and not get bogged down with to much support and licensing issues (not everyone like/can use LGPL). “Outsourcing” these parts to our partner network and filtering bug reports through them will allow us to focus more on the needs of the community and future development.

Switching to GitHub was a major step in getting more social, getting more developers engaged in TinyMCE and making it simpler to contribute. This Partnership network is another step towards Enterprise customers that want more than just a community supported editor, they need premium support, guaranteed turn around times and many other things.

If you wish to become a partner, contact us and we will fill you in on how this works.

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Need a new Job()?

April 21st, 2010 by Afraithe

Moxiecode and TinyMCE is doing well, and we are looking for more ppl to join our team of developers. You can be located almost anywhere in the world.

These are the job openings right now:

Backend Developer

We need help working on the MCFileManager and MCImageManager products, an experienced developer could really help us develop some new thoughts we have regarding our products as well as develop new products and ideas.

Primary skills: C#, PHP

Secondary skills: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Frontend Developer

Would you like to work on the most popular Open Source WYSIWYG editor in the world? We need someone who knows JavaScript like the back of his hand.

Primary skills: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Secondary skills: PHP, C#

How to apply!

If you feel like you have the skills needed, send your application to info at moxiecode dot com with your name, address, current work situation and CV. If you are apart of some Open Source project or have code located in some public repository, send some info on how/where we can look at it and describe how you where involved in that project.

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