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April 12th, 2013 by Afraithe

As you might or might not have noticed, we have released TinyMCE 4 as well as MoxieManager this week, so what have we been up to with these products?


MoxieManager has been in development for a long time, and was quite frankly very delayed, well we want to release not just a solid product, but a solid platform for future features, updates and improvements, we have now released a product we are very proud of, and the feedback so far has been great. There will probably be a fair amount of support regarding upgrading and integrating MoxieManager, as well as any bugs that might get brought up to the surface when our 18 000 customers starts to implement the software. We have a new website and a new support system, if your a client, you should have recieved email about this.

.NET version is scheduled to be released within 1½ month from the PHP release, so don’t panic you .NET users out there.

Visit moxiemanager.com

TinyMCE 4

And yes, TinyMCE 4, totaly new user interface and tons of changes behind the scenes as well, code quality improvements have been drastic, as well as the improved build process, inline editing and much much more. Those of you who are missing features, do not panic, most of the features are still there, its just that the user interface have been greatly simplified for end users, as time progress we will get back some of the more advanced ui features as well, but our policy on these changes are simplicity, most users do not need the clutter that is advanced image options or detailed style editing.

We really hope you focus more on implementation issues, setting up formats and classes to use, instead of relying on the source code editor or any of the previously tricky advanced options for setting styles and what not.

TinyMCE 4 is beta, if you find any issues, use the bug tracker to submit them, thanks. We are also working on updating the documentation as fast as we can.

Check out the presentation

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2 Responses

  1. Rob Colburn Says:

    I clicked on the “Demos” link, and TinyMCE was on the page – instantly.

    Fantastic Work!

  2. Matteo Says:

    I tried last version of tiny mce ver b4.01 but i cant settting the language. I see that the initialization is a bit different then the older version, and i cant remove the toolbar on bottom of the editor