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September 13th, 2010 by Spocke

We have had many questions about how paragraphs are handled in TinyMCE and users wanting to have <BR> elements instead of <P>. Adrian Sutton at our partner Ephox has written a few blog posts about various issues and misconceptions on this topic. And we also explained many issues in our FAQ.

So to sum things up, paragraphs are here to stay and TinyMCE will continue to produce them on enter by default.

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3 Responses

  1. Jules Gravinese Says:

    I can’t see why people would really complain about this. The option is there to use [BR] instead of [P], regardless whether or not it’s a default.

    The only reason I can see using [BR] instead of [P] is if your content is syndicated into other places, like RSS readers and parsed into sites. Then, you don’t have control over style. And if the content is trimmed, the closing [/P] might not make it in, breaking the page that is using your content.

    But again… the option is available.

  2. Guy Hoogewerf Says:

    I have noted that many many people ask why all these extra Paragraph Tags are needed and why WYSIWYG editors keep adding them when they are not wanted.

    I also note your arguments for the tag. All is valid and fine.

    All I ask for is that we the editors (or website admins) be given the choice if we want the Tag or not.

    Paragraph Tags do occasionally get in the way and are occasionally NOT needed, so why force them on us.

  3. Spocke Says:

    We force them on users since it’s the right way of producing contents in a semantic way. Also all benchmarks MS Word, Open Office etc use paragraphs only simple text editors like Notepad would produce line breaks.

    We haven’t had one valid reason for not using paragraphs but plenty of reasons for not using BR elements until that changes the default for TinyMCE will be paragraphs on and giving the option to use BR elements using config or plugins.