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May 26th, 2010 by Afraithe

EphoxIn order to provide better TinyMCE support for those who need it, we have started a Partner network, and our first partner signed up is Ephox, they will provide support and commercial licensing for TinyMCE.

In addition, they have also commited resources to help out the community in a more direct way, by helping to fix bugs, answer issues on the forum and various other things. You might have seen Adrian commiting bug fixes on Git and answering some topics on the forums. Ephox has also setup an automated UNIT test bed that checks TinyMCE across browsers on different Operating systems as soon as something is commited to GitHub TinyMCE project. You can check out the Ephox Enterprise TinyMCE offering at their website. Also check out Adrians view on this partnership at his blog.

So why do we need this? Moxiecode Systems is a rather small company, we want to focus on the development of TinyMCE and not get bogged down with to much support and licensing issues (not everyone like/can use LGPL). “Outsourcing” these parts to our partner network and filtering bug reports through them will allow us to focus more on the needs of the community and future development.

Switching to GitHub was a major step in getting more social, getting more developers engaged in TinyMCE and making it simpler to contribute. This Partnership network is another step towards Enterprise customers that want more than just a community supported editor, they need premium support, guaranteed turn around times and many other things.

If you wish to become a partner, contact us and we will fill you in on how this works.

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