Plupload v1.1 Released

February 24th, 2010 by Spocke

PluploadThree weeks have past since the first release of Plupload. The amount of feedback and contributions to this project have been amazing. So we send a big thanks to all the developers who have contributed code and send us ideas and bug reports.

This new release includes many of these patches such as better chunking support for BrowserPlus and a new HTML4 runtime. We have also added multipart upload support and more easily understandable buttons for the jQuery queue widget.

So download the new 1.1 package and check the changelog for details on what we changed and please send in any feedback and continue forking the project on GitHub.

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26 Responses

  1. Jake Scott Says:

    Hi Spocke awesome news on the update! Just wondering if you could help me out with a couple questions that I have.

    Where is the best place to ask questions? On Giuhub, this blog or twitter, forum? :)

    I know that flash has problems with proxy servers that require authentication, not sending credentials… Do you know if Silverlight suffers from this? I will try and test this out today hopefully.

    Does the html4 runtime just do a standard multipart form post?

    Thanks heaps

  2. Steve Spencer Says:

    Thanks for integrating the BrowserPlus chunking changes so quickly (and removing the dreaded red X). The plupload code was really easy to work with.

    Steve Spencer

  3. Spocke Says:

    @Jake Scott: We will try to setup some form of forum pretty soon. There isn’t a good place right now for discussions about the project. I don’t know if Silverlight has any issues with proxyservers in fact I tend to use Fiddler for debugging and it acts as a proxy and it has never failed either in Flash or Silverlight.

    The HTML4 runtime uses normal old school forms so it should always work but it lacks all the neat features all the other runtimes has.

    @Steve Spencer: Yeah, thanks again for the code contribution. Forgot to add your name and creds. to the changelog but I’ve done so now so it will be part of the next release.

  4. Nano. Says:

    Do you provide any thumbnail of the image before being uploaded? I know you can resize JPG images, thus I was wondering if you can also display the image on the fly before being uploaded. Do you have any plans on doing this?



  5. Gelle Says:

    Chunking is not working with Plupload 1.1! I use your examples upload.php and the Flash and Silverlight runtime.

    With silverlight: file uploads correctly, if it’s size is smaller than one chunk. If you have 2 chunks or more, you get a zero-sized file on the server.

    With flash: all files are zero sized on the server, because you already chunk all files in Action-Script.

    I tried some special: I uploaded a jpg file with 5kb on your examples page with flash-runtime: result: 4 chunks, and a 20kb resulting file (showed in the widget)…

    What happens there? I have Windows, FF3.6 and the latest Flash version.

  6. Gelle Says:

    I could specialize it:

    the problem could be on upload.php


    didn’t work for me, so I replaced with


    The next thing is, that now, only the last chunk is written to the filesystem, so that the uploaded File has the size of the last chunk.
    fwrite modes wb ab work.. but it looks that fwrite writes a new file for every chunk…

  7. Gelle Says:

    I’m an Idiot… I cleared the directory every time of running the upload.php, so that only the last run / last chunk could be saved…

  8. newbie Says:

    I think this project is very clever and cool. I’m a newbie at file uploads with something like this program and have a question. I’m using the flash only at the moment and thought (using php) that move_uploaded_file (from the flash_uploader_0_tmpname, my_folder) would work, but it hasn’t. (obviously for just 1 file)

    what am I doing wrong. Agreed that a forum or discussion area would be great.

  9. Spocke Says:

    @Gelle: There was a bugs with the Flash and Silverlight runtimes. I corrected them in the new 1.1.1 release. Silverlight wouldn’t chunk right and Flash would always upload everything in multipart mode. I was a bit stressed when I released it yesterday so I missed some vital things.

    @newbie: We will setup a forum pretty soon. Hard to tell what might be wrong could be some problem with your PHP installation or a config issue.

  10. koblass Says:


    I would love to see a new feature in Plupload, the ability to dynamically change the upload script for each file.

    Like this we could specify some parameters for the backend for each file added to the queue…

    Thanks in advance and thanks for the work already done !

  11. Spocke Says:

    Yeah, that might be a nice feature.

  12. Nano Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Good stuff! Just curious, do you have any plans on providing a thumbnail of the image before being uploaded? I am not sure how the support for this one will be but I will think it could be a nice feature.



  13. Spocke Says:

    Could be a neat feature, would be nice to be able to specify multiple thumbnails to be generated.

  14. Chimpu Sharma Says:

    Hey Nano,

    I agree with you. The thumbnail feature is something even I would love to have. It would be a nice addition. ;)

  15. Grady Werner Says:

    Any plans to support Silverlight 4 when it comes out? Apparantly it has drag and drop support. Thanks.

  16. Spocke Says:

    Maybe, the problem with Flash and Silverlight is that we need to add a shim on top of HTML elements this is fine for a simple button but when it comes to drag/drop you want to add it to a region with HTML that might have buttons/links etc you want to interact with and that would be impossible if it has a Silverlight movie blocking it’s access. So it will not be a nice and clean implementation like the other drag drop capable runtimes we support.

  17. douja Says:

    I am beginner in jquery.
    plupload I put in a form in my html page.
    This form contains other modules.
    the problem: sometimes the user chooses plupload its files but forget to click on “start upload”
    I want an error message telling the user that he must click on “start upload”.
    Please, help me ………

  18. Spocke Says:

    The example we have on the site has an example for this kind of form validation.

    It will stat the uploader and block the post. You can have an alert message etc as well.

  19. Nano Says:

    I have tried the example from here for html4 and when I upload the files it pops up a window to download upload.php which contains the response from the request {“jsonrpc” : “2.0″, “result” : null, “id” : “id”}. I haven’t tried extensively but html4 seems broken, in my environment when I upload a file I only get contents of “query=” (6 bytes). Is there any other place to make this comments such a forum or alike?



  20. Nano Says:

    sorry, forgot to mention: IE7 on WindowsXP.

  21. Brian Jinwright Says:

    This is awesome I can’t wait to integrate this.

  22. Grady Werner Says:

    Is there a way to auto-submit the upload form? I’d like to click Add Files and as soon as they click okay, start the upload process rather than making them use a begin upload button.

  23. Spocke Says:

    Yes, wait for the FilesAdded event then simply start the queue using uploader.start(); then on the StateChange event submit the form.

  24. Brian Says:

    I want to use Plupload to upload with a remote url (s3 for instance) what setting do I change so I don’t get the following error. plupload.full.min.js:1Uncaught Error: URL is not from the same origin.

  25. Spocke Says:

    Yes, there are security restrictions preventing that. Flash can upload if you have a crossdomain.xml file so might Silverlight haven’t played with that. But BrowserPlus, Gears, HTML 4 and HTML 5 might be problematic.

  26. Brian Says:

    @Spocke – Thanks for the update