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February 1st, 2010 by Spocke

The new 3.3 release of TinyMCE comes with a new and improved table plugin. This new version enables you to select table cells and columns and perform table operations on them. The table selection is not limited to only table operations, you can also apply text formatting to the cells just like any other selection.

This is a complete rewrite of the previous plugin to reduce it’s size and improve it’s functionality. Table cell selection is possible in Gecko based browsers but we wanted to provide this feature to all browsers so it uses a special trick where it adds an internal class called “mceSelected” to each table cell in the selection. This enables you to override the look and feel of the selection to match your editors CSS.

There is still more things that could be added to the table plugin if you have interesting ideas for features or any other feedback feel free to drop us a message.

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7 Responses

  1. tan Says:


    First, the new table selection stuff works really well. I like it!

    Here is an idea for a feature:

    Insert table using a grid (as seen in many word processing packages).

    See the first technique shown in this video for a description:

    Best regards,

    Thomas A.

  2. Spocke Says:

    I’ve seen a third party plugin that does this. I could be quite useful, makes it a lot easier to create tables. I will consider this for future versions or possible merge in that third party plugin.

  3. tan Says:

    I did write such a plug-in,

    The project is a bit abandoned and the code needs some brushing.

    I guess should get up to speed with GIT, create a fork and then I’ll see what happens

    best regards,
    Thomas A.

  4. Spocke Says:

    Would be neat if you forked it. Not been that much active forks yet of the TinyMCE project.

  5. tan Says:

    Done! Right now the code is a biy ugly, but I will start re-factoring it as soon as I got the time.

  6. Spocke Says:

    Yes, I followed your progress on GitHub. Will continue to do so and feel free to send me a pull request later on. :)

  7. James Says:

    in my website i have ibrowser, when i insert a picture, the ibrowser window pops up, there are radio buttons to select image sizes, original, 640, 120 etc, the original is selected by default, how do i make it default to 640 instead of original, as the pics that are being posted are to large, James