Using Open Source in a time of crisis

October 30th, 2008 by Afraithe

I am guessing noone has avoided noticing the financial crisis in the news, going through the world like a wave through an arena crowd. Can’t really say we have noticed it on our end though, this month will be a record in visitors for the TinyMCE website, as well as a monster amount of bandwidth being pushed out since we moved examples from the Wiki website to the TinyMCE website.

We certainly do not feel like we will be affected much by the financial crisis, on the contrary, perhaps the IT budgets are more slimmed and that makes companies look for Open Source alternatives, and finding that some of these projects are more structured, more tested and more stable than their commercial or home made version.

Currently we are busy doing major work on the MCFileManager and MCImageManager, planing to release 3.1 final during next week, with major behind the scenes rework of the graphical user interface, as well a few new features. We are also working on a secret new Open Source project we just came up with (stay tuned for that).

We will see what the future holds.

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4 Responses

  1. Evan Says:

    very nice work, how do you develop your javascript, is there an IDE, please advice.

  2. Spocke Says:

    We mainly use EditPlus on Windows Vista. We have tried quite a few editors and ide:s over the years but we always come back to that editor.

  3. Kumar Chetan Sharma Says:

    I tend to use notepad++ more, though I was hooked to developers pad on windows and on Ubuntu desktop its gedit and on shell its one and only vim. :-)
    Open source rulez.

  4. P-M Nordkvist Says:

    Hehe. Still going strong with EditPlus. Vi kör faktiskt det på vårt kontor också. Old habits die hard.

    Jag tycker det är kul varje gång någon ny talang frågar vilka programvaror man använder och man riktigt ser i blicken på dem hur de vill att man skall svara något obskyrt program som automatiskt gör att de blir bättre. Att det bara är en programvara som skiljer dem från framgång. Och sen blir de besvikna när man säger typ Editplus eller nåt.