If you need something smaller than TinyMCE try PunyMCE

October 13th, 2008 by Spocke

TinyMCE is not always the perfect match if you need something really small and simple. TinyMCE is designed to be a CMS editor and it has all the features that you might need for such a task.

Some times you want something really small and simple for example on a forum or comment system. This is where PunyMCE comes into the picture it’s designed to be small and simple but yet extensible. It comes with a number of plugins that extend the functionality of the editor.

The size of PunyMCE is “puny”, about 9kb gzipped or 16kb minified. It’s library independent so it can be used with common frameworks like jQuery, Prototype, YUI etc.

But it’s important to understand that PunyMCE is not designed to be an replacement for TinyMCE nor will it ever be. TinyMCE is focused on being a robust CMS editor that produces valid output and takes care of all browser quirks. PunyMCE is focused on being small and simple, it might still have lots of browser quirks and output issues some of these can be corrected by using serverside technology.

This project was a result of a partnership with Freewebs. Kickapps has also joined the project and will help out internationalization.

So check the PunyMCE project out at:

Google project

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9 Responses

  1. Marcin Says:

    Hi, great small editor :)
    That’s what i’m looking for !! :)

  2. Marcin Says:

    In emoticons plugin, last four icons don’t work.
    When I add LOL icon and then go to editsource mode and back, text is not convert into icon but remains as “lol” :(

  3. Spocke Says:

    @Marcin: File a bug report at the google codes page with steps for us to reproduce it.

  4. Speednet Says:

    Nice job Spocke, I am looking forward to using this new editor!

  5. Zac Says:

    Is there a place to discuss punyMCE? I checked out the project webpage but there isn’t any mailing list.

    I have some edits that I want to make (and have made) but I’m a bit stuck regarding how to do them.

    Primarily I want to remove the style code from the blockquote tags


  6. Spocke Says:

    I created a general discussion group. But I’m currently the only member so there might not be many replies. :)

  7. Zac Says:

    I just joined :-)


  8. Mona Everett Says:

    I went to the google code page for this editor because I wanted some documentation on the javascript. The code and anything else appears to be inaccessible.

  9. Spocke Says:

    It has been moved to GitHub. Search for PunyMCE there.