Accessibility in TinyMCE 4.0.17

February 27th, 2014 by Afraithe

While reaching a really stable 4.x branch of TinyMCE, we have now added support for the WAI-ARIA spec. For the best experience, we highly recommend using the NVDA screen reader with Firefox.

We had the most excellent help from Marc, working as a Accessibility QA Engineer and Evangelist at Mozilla, you can read up on his blog about how to work with TinyMCE here.

As a followup to improving accessibility support, we are also looking into making a high contrast skin for TinyMCE 4, should be available within a few patches or so.

On another note, after popular demand, we have added in image_class_list/link_class_list options to image/link dialogs to let the user select classes directly from within the dialogs.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

December 20th, 2013 by Afraithe

Been a exciting year for our company and our products, brand new design and a lot of re-work of TinyMCE to modernize the engine and user interface. Our old well used MCImageManager & MCFileManager where rewritten from scratch and combined into a single product, MoxieManager, that we have had huge success with. Also Plupload has gained a lot of momentum this year.

For 2014, we plan to keep working hard to bring you the best WYSIWYG editor as well as our other tools, with a stable ground now for MoxieManager, we are preparing to bring out more plugins and extend the functionality and uses of the software even more. Plupload will also get a brand new website very soon.

We have some vacation during Christmas and New Year, our support might take a bit longer to respond, thank you for your patience.

A big thanks to everyone for using our products.

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MoxieManager Release Updates

November 14th, 2013 by Afraithe

AzureWe just released a new version of MoxieManager for both .NET and PHP, bumping the version numbers up to 1.2 for .NET and 1.4 for PHP.

With this new release comes support for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage for our Enterprise customers, you can now browse, copy/move/delete files from and to Azure between any other filesystem. You can read more on the MoxieManager website about how to start using Azure with MoxieManager right away.

Another new major feature is directory specific configuration, the option is called filesystem.directories and will provide flexible config for all filesystems.

Let say you only want image type files to be uploaded to all images folders, you can configure it like this:

$moxieManagerConfig['filesystem.directories'] = array(
   "images" => array(
      "upload.extensions" => "gif,jpg,png"

This will allow for some very flexible configurations, and it works well with Amazon S3 and Azure filesystems as well.

Read more on how to use the new configuration option in our documentation.

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Community Tools

October 3rd, 2013 by Afraithe

skin.tinymce.comYesterday we released as well as our plugin repository. This is an important step towards our goal of making is easier to work with TinyMCE.

TinyMCE has always been a complicated piece of software, a lot of code is required to fix quirks, maintain usability and provide a good user interface, making it easier to customize TinyMCE either visually or through plugins is a long term goal we have had for some time now.


Previously, it could take days to make or even just tweak the skin of TinyMCE to fit your CMS, but with the release of TinyMCE 4 and the community tool, it now takes minutes! After you have edited your colors (with LIVE preview) you can simply download the package and add the skin to TinyMCE. If you wish to tweak it afterwards, use the skin.json file that comes with the package, simply drag and drop it into and your back to editing your skin again!


The new plugin repository on has been a much requested feature from our community, somewhere to gather all the plugins that are now spread around, and also a new place to add the skins that are now so easy to create.

You can find the new plugin repository under Downloads -> Plugins.


Use the forum thread to provide feedback on these tools.

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CacheFly CDN success!

August 23rd, 2013 by Afraithe

CacheFlySince the release of TinyMCE 4 and the the free CDN hosting provided by the best CDN in the world, Cachefly, we have seen a huge increase in TinyMCE usage, the CDN is now pushing out above 25 GB of data per day, increasing steadily.

The CacheFly CDN provides a fast geo location loading of TinyMCE, and through our build system, we also push releases up right away.

And it is so easy to use!

<head><!-- CDN hosted by Cachefly -->
<script src="//"></script>
        <textarea>Your content here.</textarea>

Thank you all for being such active TinyMCE users!

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Updates, updates!

April 12th, 2013 by Afraithe

As you might or might not have noticed, we have released TinyMCE 4 as well as MoxieManager this week, so what have we been up to with these products?


MoxieManager has been in development for a long time, and was quite frankly very delayed, well we want to release not just a solid product, but a solid platform for future features, updates and improvements, we have now released a product we are very proud of, and the feedback so far has been great. There will probably be a fair amount of support regarding upgrading and integrating MoxieManager, as well as any bugs that might get brought up to the surface when our 18 000 customers starts to implement the software. We have a new website and a new support system, if your a client, you should have recieved email about this.

.NET version is scheduled to be released within 1½ month from the PHP release, so don’t panic you .NET users out there.


TinyMCE 4

And yes, TinyMCE 4, totaly new user interface and tons of changes behind the scenes as well, code quality improvements have been drastic, as well as the improved build process, inline editing and much much more. Those of you who are missing features, do not panic, most of the features are still there, its just that the user interface have been greatly simplified for end users, as time progress we will get back some of the more advanced ui features as well, but our policy on these changes are simplicity, most users do not need the clutter that is advanced image options or detailed style editing.

We really hope you focus more on implementation issues, setting up formats and classes to use, instead of relying on the source code editor or any of the previously tricky advanced options for setting styles and what not.

TinyMCE 4 is beta, if you find any issues, use the bug tracker to submit them, thanks. We are also working on updating the documentation as fast as we can.

Check out the presentation

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Website downtime

March 19th, 2013 by Afraithe

We are moving websites around abit today (Tuesday 19th and possibly Wednesday 20th), so some outage will occur, mostly related to using the forum or bug tracker on the TinyMCE website, and also the shop will be down for a short period of time. This will affect all our websites,, and

If you encounter any problems, try again the next day, if you still encounter problems with our website or services after Wednesday, please report it to us.

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Chistmas special prices!

December 21st, 2012 by Afraithe

Chistmas special! From now (21st) Until January the 4th, we are refunding 100 EUR on the Enterprise licenses  if you Twitter about your purchase to #tinymce

So grab a copy of MCImageManager / MCFileManager now at a discount while you can! Please note this is for any of the Enterprise licenses ONLY!

Go here for MCImageManager!

Go here for MCFileManager!

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Merry christmas & happy new year!

December 21st, 2012 by Afraithe

Another year is passing, Moxiecode Systems AB will celebrate 10 years now in January. We have lots in store for you all for next year, big release of TinyMCE 4 as well as our rewritten MCImageManager & MCFileManager.

Plupload is also gaining a lot of popularity still, with the beta version of a rewrite out about a month ago, stable release and a new website will be out sometime January.

We would like to thank everyone for contributing code, doing translations and helping out in the forums, you are making this community great!

We hope you had a great year, and are looking forward to the next as much as we are!

/Moxiecode Systems AB


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First Public Beta of Plupload 2 (to be continued…)

November 28th, 2012 by Davit

It has been a long time since we’ve started to work on the second version of our multi runtime file uploader. And here you have it finally – first public beta of Plupload 2.

Bit of backstory, since it’s quite complicated. First of all I would like to make one thing very clear, until it gets confusing – functionality of Plupload on a big part has stayed the same. Yes – it has gained huge potential for growth, but on the surface it shouldn’t feel to you any different. And this is actually good – ’cause if you feel the difference, then something went not as it was expected to and you should immediately report it to us smile

As you might know, so far Plupload consisted of two distinctive parts – the Core (a small framework that made it easy to quickly implement cross-browser file uploader of any kind) and the Widgets – UI Widget and Queue Widget (two visually rich implementations of the Core and basically examples of Plupload’s potential). But while having a core completely separate turned out to be very handy, it still felt a bit constraining. For example it wasn’t possible to easily get the hold of a raw file data – to display thumbnails for example, or access file meta tags. Yes – Plupload was able to extract Exif and GPS info from images, but it was doing this on it’s own, without giving any control to the user. Another problem was that it was nearly impossible to control the flow of the chunks – resend them separately for example, if they failed to reach the server, calculate  checksums for increased reliability, and so on.

So the necessity was obvious – we required to expand the Core farther. But how? Provide more events and methods (much more in fact)? Or separate low-level file manipulation and upload logic into a separate set of libraries? The answer was laying on the surface, but felt so crazy that it took us quite some time to comprehend that it was the only proper way to proceed. So what we did in our major update, is that we’ve extracted all the low-level logic from the Core and wrapped it up in standalone multi-runtime and cross-browser pollyfills, that are closely resembling behavior and functionality of HTML5’s File and XMLHttpRequest Level 2 APIs!…

Now, maybe currently it doesn’t sound as crazy as it did, back in early days when we started, but believe me it still opens up some very interesting opportunities for legacy browsers,  that are still around (and not only). While working on pollyfills, we tried to follow existing W3C specs as close as it was possible in our circumstances, which means that our implementation of FileReader interface, or XMLHttpRequest will act and have all the properties and methods that according to W3C are expected for them to have. And if for some reason they lack some (specs were noticed to mutate quite often), let us know and we will take on them smile

Therefore now we have three tier system: very first level – File and XMLHttpRequest API pollyfills, second level – Plupload Core and third level – Core implementations, like our UI and Queue Widgets. Bottom levels can be extended separately – just as easy as anyone can use the Core to build customized file uploader, pollyfills can be used to create all kinds of components and obviously not only file uploaders.

Currently we publish our first beta of Plupload 2. On big part you should be able to simply drop it in instead of the previous one and everything should simply work. But there are some precautions to take into account. First of all, we’ve dropped BrowserPlus and Gears support, mostly because their authors dropped them themselves. Second point to consider is the fact, that we’ve renamed .swf and .xap shims, since they are not strictly Plupload specialized anymore (they are now part of pollyfills and not the Plupload). So in the places where you reference plupload.flash.swf and/or plupload.silverlight.xap, you must now put correspondingly - Moxie.swf and Moxie.xap (as these are the names of updated shims).

That’s it! You can download Plupload 2 here. Together with minified Moxie (combined name for pollyfill code) and Plupload code, we bundle our Widgets. Queue plugin wasn’t touched, but UI got updated to leverage the power of new APIs and now is able to show the client-side thumbs (even in IE6!).

Happy testing. We are ready to accept bug reports and feature requests. Now that we’ve mostly done with the major update, bug hunting will get top priority.

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